More Philosophy

Completed Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy by Richard Green and K. Silem Mohammad last night during the Titans game. Props for making the playoffs guys! Good luck in the rematch against the Chargers.

As for the book, it is one of the best in the series. I read these books, as i've posted in the past, both to expand my knowledge of specific philosophers and their theories and ideas as well as to peek at the depths of meaning in some of my favorite works. The decent books in the series will have essays that say "here's a philosopher, here's his idea, this is how it applies to the work in question". which is fine for the first reason i read these books. The really good books in the series have essays that say "here's some things that happen in the work, this is how it illustrates the theme of the work, here's how it relates to the big questions of life, here's how it defends/opposes this philosopher's work". That is precisely what all the essays in this volume do. Whether analyzing Kill Bill as a modern retelling of Oedipus by way of female empowerment, discussing the structure of Pulp Fiction as an analysis of the compartmentalization of time, or using the crooks of Reservoir Dogs to compare group morality, all of the essays truly elucidate Tarantino's movies.

I think i just used up my big word allotment for the next few days.

I have one other book i am working on but i probably will not finish today. so that brings my total to 68 for the year with 19 as nonfiction.


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