One More Audiobook

I completed The Return of the King on audio this week so i have finished up that series. it was wonderful to hear the Battle of the Shire part as that was what i really really hoped to see in the movie yet it was left out. That is really the part where you see how much the hobbits have learned, grown (literally and figuratively), as well as how the Shire has dealt with the events of the books. I had hoped it something of it would be included in the Special Edition dvd but, alas, it was not.

Speaking of movies, my Netflix is back on. YAY! My first one watched was Rashomon by Akira Kurosawa. It was fantastic! of course, this is one i should have seen forever ago but didn't. I am trying to expand my horizons. I immediately hopped on and added half a dozen others by him to my queue. Which looks kinda funny now, as it's a list of old and new Japanese movies, the tv show Firefly, the series discs for Cowboy Bebop, then a long list of regular American stuff I've not seen, like Disturbia and Little Children and The Pursuit of Happyness that will probably just be moved around for a long time.

So back to books. I'm kind of taking a breath before plunging into my new challenges next year. I am working my way through a couple of non-fiction ones that are both just a series of essays so they may both be finished up before the new year begins.

currently: listening to the Vandy-UT Martin basketball game.


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