I finished up Billions and Billions by Carl Sagan after all, though i didn't expect to. i am pretty sure it was a reread for me. It is less cohesive than some of his earlier ones but that is to be expected considering it was completed after his death. I was intriugued to read about the global warming situation 10 years ago though and how the scientific consensus is really over a decade old.

stupid-head Republicans.

So to finish off the year for sure: 69 books, 20 of which were nonfiction.


  1. Not sure if I've ever read any Sagan before or not. I know I owned Contact in high school but not sure if I ever finished it.

    I hope you are having a Happy New Year!

  2. thanks!

    My personal favorite is A Demon Haunted World but i don't know if i'd recommend it to someone who hadn't read anything by him before. Cosmos is a good place to start with him. a few years ago it got rereleased as a beautiful hardcover with lots of glossy pictures and a bit of updated info too.


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