A little thing is running around the blogs about everyone's TBR stacks. So i figured I'd post mine too. I've counted mine up and i have 25 books pictured. That doesn't include a couple relationship books i have as well as a few more racy ones i couldn't bear to picture. There are a couple library books in here though.

I have a tendency to get a lot of books through the library though. I know i have a bunch on my list for challenges next year and a few of the ones on here are for those.

I just don't have a tendency to really accumulate a bunch at once. this is really the biggest stack of unreads i've probably ever had. i honestly probably have only had 5-8 books TBR before. Working on challenges as well as my 1001 list has caused me to accumulate some. I think i've had more time recently, unfortunately, to read so i've been getting books in anticipation. And Christmas is coming so i am sure i'll be getting books and/or gift cards as presents. everyone around me is pretty good like that.


  1. Great TBR pile :) Mine was never so bad until I started blogging...then all of a sudden it just exploded! All these challenges and wonderful book reviews made me move from a TBR stack to a TBR Bookshelf! I see you're headed in that direction too ;)

  2. The challenges are the worst! not only do you have to pick some to read but you end up reading about what everyone else is enjoying and decide to add those in.


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