Two Towers and other Things

I completed The Two Towers on audio book while on the way to the grocery store this evening to get some food for dinner. I really enjoy hearing these novels. I have now 16 discs for The Return of the King and then I'm finished with all of these and i have to return them to my brother. I do wish audio books weren't so damned expensive; even at the discount bookstore i go to they are still 25 or more per book on cd.

So i am going to see The Golden Compass on Friday with BF. so i decided to go ahead and read the book. Yes, I KNOW that i am not supposed to start it until January for the YA challenge but i am reading it now! :P i will slide the next one in the series on my list instead.

On another note, when did December become May? No, i don't mean the weather, although that is far more spring like than winter. I mean the movies! Normally May-July are the months when my movie calendar is full. Now it is crazy. In the last few weeks we've had Beowulf, Juno, No Country for Old Men and The Golden Compass. Friday I Am Legend comes out, then the 21st we really get slammed: Sweeney Todd, National Treasure 2, Walk Hard. A couple more on Christmas day:
The Water Horse and Persepolis.

So what all am i definitely going to see? Compass this weekend and I Am Legend (in IMAX no less wheee!) next weekend. Sweeney Todd hopefully by/on Christmas. Possibly Juno and Persepolis when they hit Green Hills. Walk Hard within a few weeks. Anything else up for one of the big Oscars i'll try to watch before the awards (I'm looking at you, No Country!) And I haven't even looked any further out to see about January, though that is usually a bit of a wasteland for film.

And my netflix comes back on 12/20.

On another another note, I did Something Different today. My therapist (long story, maybe I'll explain later) says that to battle my depression, anger and sadness i need to do new things and meet new people. Not to date but to get my mind on other things. I don't know how well it will work because i am kind of a one-track-mind wallower person. But i am trying. So I had been looking at doing some volunteering (less time commitment than another job or a class) maybe at the library (what a surprise) or the Humane Society. I had signed up on Barack Obama's campaign site a while back when i donated a few bucks and get emails occasionally. I got one about writing letters to caucus volunteer in Iowa yesterday. So today i did. I mean i wrote the first letter and then wrote 4 copies. It did feel nice to send notes to strangers. So now I've added that campaign to my list of possible volunteer places.


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