BTT for 1/10

a multi-parter today!

1)How did you come across your favorite author(s)? Recommended by a friend?
Stumbled across at a bookstore? A book given to you as a gift?
2) Was it love at first sight? Or did the love affair evolve over a long acquaintance?

this is an interesting one. first i have to decide who my favorite authors are. then i have to figure out how long i've been reading them and then try to remember how i picked up the first one. then i have to try to remember what made me like them and/or if i started out liking them. so here goes:

  • Stephen King--I've been reading him since i was a kid. i think i started with Salem's Lot or maybe The Shining and then spread from there. don't have any idea how or why i picked up the first one but i definitely liked him from the beginning.
  • Douglas Adams--again, someone I've read for a while. I know i picked up Hitchhiker's Guide from my father's sci-fi collection. Liked from the start.
  • Neil Gaiman--my brother's fault. Read his Sandman comics (in individual issue form no less) and then found other stuff. Again, i liked him from the first i read.
  • Mercedes Lackey--embarassing. was recommended to read Magic's Promise by a Harry Potter fan fiction group, maybe 4 years ago. I have found that I enjoy these as fun reads but can only take so much at one time.
  • Clive Barker--saw Hellraiser as a kid and thought it was awesome. Started randomly reading his stuff since. Actually i prefer the YA/children's things he's written.
  • J. K. Rowling--My mom got me the first 3 books for Christmas the year before book 4 came out. really really liked them. (see the fan fic comment above?)
  • Sir Arthur Conan Doyle--Liked from my teens. I know i had to read a few of the stories in English lit and tore through the whole of Sherlock Holmes one summer.
  • George R.R. Martin--hooray for store ads! I saved the title of the first Fire and Ice book in my phone to get from the library when i saw a big display at a bookstore. Really enjoyed it from the first.
  • J.R.R. Tolkien--read The Hobbit as a kid but it took me 2-3 tries to get through LOTR. it is longer, and denser, and more complex. i was also like 12 the first time i tried so i have an excuse.
so those are the ones i can think of right now. a good sampling of what i've liked reading short term and long term.


  1. What a fun question. I enjoyed reading your answers. Some of mine would be:

    1. Bram Stoker: picked up Dracula from the library shelf on a whim when I was 11 or 12. Was instantly hooked. I read it every few years and enjoy it each and every time. I've since picked up other Stoker novels that I've enjoyed as well.

    2. Neil Gaiman: My first solo trip to NYC to visit a good friend resulted in him introducing me to Sandman. I was lost instantly. Neverwhere then cemented him as one of my absolute favorite authors.

    3. Edgar Allan Poe: I had to read Masque of the Red Death for an English assignment in the 7th grade. I was so captivated by it that I immediately went out and read many of his other works.

    4. Orson Scott Card: a very recent addition, due to a gift of Speaker for the Dead from a blogger friend. Ender's Game and Speaker have cemented Card as a favorite.

    5. Patricia A. McKillip: My brother bought me one of her fantasy novels for a birthday present when we were both very young. I have loved her work ever since and am thrilled whenever a new book hits the shelves.

    6. John Scalzi: I read a review of Old Man's War on a blog site and immediately rushed out and picked this up. I was hooked and quickly gorged myself on the other books he had out. Definitely my favorite of the new science fiction writers.

    That's all for now, thanks for letting me participate.

  2. No problem!

    I completely forgot about Poe! I know he was also one i had to read a few stories of in high school. I think we had to do a lot of the poetry as well, which i have never been able to get into. but we read him in the fall, i guess around Halloween, one year and i ended up tearing through a couple collections over my winter break.

    I haven't read and McKillip or Scalzi but i'll check them out.


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