Clerks 2

So BF had me watch Clerks 2 last night. This is an older one, so i am going to be spoilery. I have extremely mixed feelings. I love Kevin Smith's stuff. I even liked Jersey Girl. So i loved seeing Randall and Dante do their thing again. The guys stuff i liked. The random pop culture conversations, sniping, talk about sex, all hilarious.

What i hated was the "romantic" plot. I don't think there was any reason to have Dante cheating on his fiance. Yes, she needed to be there to give the reason for the move to Florida. Yes, i didn't like her nor are we supposed to. I am far closer to the Rosario Dawson character personality wise so i didn't identify with the girlfriend like that. It just really really bugged me that Dante cheated on her. And i know exactly why it bothered me. And i can't talk to BF because he'll overreact. He probably didn't even think it would cause me a second thought.

So, had i watched it when it came out i would have certainly liked it more than i did last night.

In other news, bought The Rest Falls Away by Colleen Gleason due to an excellent review by Chris of the 3rd book in the series coming out in February. So I've seen these for the last year I guess, had them recommended to me by the Amazon bots, had a vague interest in a Victorian Buffy (don't flame me but i never watched that series, the movie was just too awful) and figured i might like it. I looked online and my library doesn't have the book. So i went to Borders and looked in the Horror section. Vampires=horror section right? Nothing. Checked the Sci-fi, which they separate out, still nothing. Walked over to the Literature and Fiction section thinking "hey, maybe this is a bit more high brow than i thought" but still no book. So then i hop on their little store computer and it shows they have it. in the Romance section.

I bought the book. But why are my expectations so changed now?


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