ROCKED ASS! No spoilers here but it is not an easy movie to spoil anyway. I had wondered before when someone would think to take the Blair Witch idea but apply it to an action picture or big budget disaster movie. It works. really really works. i had to keep putting drops in my eyes as my contacts were getting dry because i wasn't blinking. I was that riveted. i am actually considering going again because now that i know where the jumpy screamy parts are i can actually watch properly. supposedly there are supposed to be a couple references to LOST but i didn't notice. Strangely the show we saw was about half full. I really hope the stupid chick flicks that came out yesterday don't win the weekend.


  1. Glad to hear that you liked it. We are going tonight! Yay!!!

  2. So refreshing to find a female(!) rooting for the Geek movie and not the Chick Flicks.


  3. Carl-hoped you enjoyed it!

    IMM-Cloverfield won the weekend, beating the chick flick by 19 million. Pretty sweet.


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