ROCKED ASS! No spoilers here but it is not an easy movie to spoil anyway. I had wondered before when someone would think to take the Blair Witch idea but apply it to an action picture or big budget disaster movie. It works. really really works. i had to keep putting drops in my eyes as my contacts were getting dry because i wasn't blinking. I was that riveted. i am actually considering going again because now that i know where the jumpy screamy parts are i can actually watch properly. supposedly there are supposed to be a couple references to LOST but i didn't notice. Strangely the show we saw was about half full. I really hope the stupid chick flicks that came out yesterday don't win the weekend.


  1. Glad to hear that you liked it. We are going tonight! Yay!!!

  2. Anonymous20/1/08 13:05

    So refreshing to find a female(!) rooting for the Geek movie and not the Chick Flicks.


  3. Carl-hoped you enjoyed it!

    IMM-Cloverfield won the weekend, beating the chick flick by 19 million. Pretty sweet.


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