Laying Out

Well not exactly. BF had a doctor's appointment today for a procedure that he thought he had to be sedated for. Then last week he found out he didn't have to be out so I didn't need to go with him after all. I had planned on leaving work at 8:30 to take him so i already had the time scheduled off and decided to go ahead and leave early. So i am hanging at Panera for a bit messing around.

Got tickets for the LSU-Vandy basketball game in a few weeks off Stubhub. Woohoo! Don't know how good the game will be but I haven't been to a basketball game yet this season. I'll probably try to get tickets to the home closer against Mississippi State in March and possibly a couple others.

Speaking of LSU, was last night's game not great! if you are not an Ohio State fan at least. Do i want a new tee shirt? or hoodie? Or cap? maybe a car sticker? all my 2003 shirts are kinda raggedy, except for the incredibly bright yellow one i hardly wear. I love my team and school but that yellow is god-awful. i am homesick now, wish i had been watching the game in a dive bar in Baton Rouge or Lafayette. I want some etouffee, i want donuts from Meche's, i want to go to a Mardi Gras parade. Luckily, i will be going to Louisiana after Mardi Gras for my brother's wedding, so at least some of these things i can have in the next couple months.

Maybe I'll get my mom to send me a king cake.


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