More Challenges *sigh*

Does it count as a challenge if i was going to read the books anyway? I mean, if i sign up for the Chunkster Challenge and i finish The Historian, Anna Karenina and a couple more long books before the year is out is it any sort of challenge to me? is it even fair? If i sign up for the Science Book challenge, when i read at least half a dozen science books last year, should i feel any kind of accomplishment? For the science books i do think that i can feel like i've done something mainly due to the fact that you have to do little write ups for a real website.

of course, i am signing up for these now. :)

Yesterday i did a few things:
  • I had 3 glasses of a really good $17 bottle of riesling and slept better than i have in weeks. It was a bottle of C. H. Berres Riesling Estate 2005 Impulse. Sweet, tart and really clean, crisp appley to me. I don't know much about wine but i have found that i mainly enjoy Rieslings and Pinot Noirs (noires?).
  • I watched Barack Obama's speech from 1.20.08 in the church Martin Luther King Jr preached in. BF and I saw this church a few years ago when we first went to Memphis in May.
  • Had cake from work. They gave us cake for MLK's birthday and i kinda felt bad about eating it. It was half chocolate and half vanilla cake, thereby realizing Dr. King's dream that desserts not be judged but the color of their frosting but the contents of their flavorings.

currently: watching Blazing Saddles on AMC. why is this movie so funny? and why is AMC playing it every few days?


  1. Melanie, I'm glad to have you along for the Science-Book Challenge. For what it's worth I think it still counts even if you were going to read the books because I think the book write-up thingies are valuable for others to read.

    Say, if you can't decide about something by Carl Sagan, I'd love to have a write-up thingie about The Demon-Haunted World, a book I read a few years back and thoroughly enjoyed, but don't remember in enough detail to do my own note about it.

  2. P.S. If you feel inspired, please don't feel that you have to stop with just the three book notes called for in the challenge.

  3. Thanks for the pep talk JNS. I actually have read Demon Haunted World a couple times. it is one of my favorites by Sagan. I'll dig up my copy and write a book note for it for sure.

  4. Reislings are very good and are my second favorite to a good sweet concord grape wine. I love the really sweet stuff. There is a wine bottled in eastern Missouri that I just love and look forward to our yearly anniversary visits to the winery. Eventhough I can get it in my area, it always tastes just a bit better on the premises.


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