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Completed The Subtle Knife by Philip Pullman today at work. read all but the last 50 pages yesterday actually in the 4 hours they made me work. The continuing story of Lyra's adventures. She meets up with a boy named Will, who becomes incredibly important to Lyra's quest.

I would have to say i liked it a bit less than the first in the series. I liked the new character Will quite a bit; he seemed more mature than Lyra. But i really think, although plenty occured, that less happened. It really seemed to be setting up the final book. We did get more interaction with some of the adults from the first book, namely Lee Scoresby and Serafina Pekkala which gives us a lot more info about the wider picture. I did cry at one point but not too terribly.

So this is also my first book for the YA challenge. Off to a good start, a book in 2 days.


  1. I think Northern Lights was definitely my favourite, but I liked the way the trilogy worked as a whole. I'm just about to start my reading for the challenge - deciding what to start with!

  2. Northern Lights was my favourite too. Although Will is my favourite character and he wasn't in that. I agree with geraniumcat that they work best as a whole.

  3. Anonymous9/1/08 15:32

    I think this is a book that needs re-reading to see just how very important the things that Pullman is saying in it are. Coming back to it after reading all of them I was very disturbed by the picture that he drew of adulthood and the way in which we can find ourselves devoid of all creativity. I agree, you need to see the series as a whole and then perhaps try this again.

  4. Table Talk- I am thinking about starting the 3rd one soon so i'll keep in mind what you mean about the adults. But i think that plenty of kids books portray adults poorly. Look at the Harry Potter series. Even if you aren't looking at the evil adults the good ones are condescending, hide information, ignore evidence, and work actively against Harry's interests. I liked Dumbledore through the first books but despised him in the last 3 for these sorts of reasons.


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