A Myriad of Interesting Tidbits

that i discovered while looking at my statcounter pages today.
  1. that you get to my page by googling "watch cloverfield movie online", "example of cynical person" as well as "cynical quotes"
  2. that while various pages will be the most popular on any day, that a post i wrote over two years ago has to be the most popular one i've every written.
  3. that everyone uses google.
  4. that Firefox (the browser i use) is kicking IE's butt, at least on my page.
  5. that January is going to be the biggest month for me in terms of visits and views since August.


  1. I tried Firefox early on and was annoyed by some of the problems it had with sites I frequented. Recently, however, I fired it back up and am in love. It is fantastic.


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