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So I watched a couple things last night: the second series disc for Firefly (very nice) and the movie Once. My therapist actually was the one who suggested it to me.

It is weird. I think i liked Once, but i don't know yet. The music is gorgeous, so much so that i've already got the soundtrack on my amazon wishlist. The movie is wistful, so tinged with sadness at the edges that i kept wanting to cry. but i didn't. The filming was pretty even if some of the locations weren't. apparently Ireland is cold and has no central heating; all the characters walked around in their coats indoors. I liked the characters of Guy and Girl and i was immediately rooting for them. I think the only reason i can't say that i liked it is the ending. I didn't want it to end as it did. I won't go into spoilers as it is still relatively new, though if you look on the amazon reviews they do reveal the end. Some of the reviews say it ends hopefully but i don't think so.

So next i am getting Shaolin Soccer and more Firefly.

Random thing 1: i use the library ALOT! of my 69 books read in 07, I borrowed 37 of them from the library and another 8 from friends, etc.

Random thing 2: how do email spammers make my Yahoo mailbox think their new mail is actually from 2002? i keep getting spam that shows up pages back in my inbox.

Random thing 3: Why are we busy at work between 9:30 and 1? we have 10-15 mins between calls when i go to lunch at 9:30 but when i come back at 10 we are swamped.

Random thing 4: The trailer for The Other Boleyn Girl is out. I already see things different from the book.


  1. Firefly is a wonderful series, I hope you enjoy the rest of it.

    I've heard very good things about Once and will be watching it sometime soon. I figured it to be a melancholy type of movie.


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