I've never had trouble reading. Even when things have been really bad for me i could still read.

I am a little disturbed because right now i just can't. at home or at work i can't focus. since i read A Subtle Knife on 1/1 i haven't been able to concentrate. I thought it was what i was trying to read (Lost and Philosophy and The Historian) but i tried reading a few other things and nothing is interesting. i've still managed to get through about 90 pages of The Historian but it has been really difficult. Everything is just words on the page, not the 'movie in my head' experience i have normally. I know i shouldn't be worried about this, after all it really has just been 5 days, but i am worried. I tried several times this weekend and only read a page or two before i'd put the book down.

I'm understanding the term "restless" more now. not in the fidgety moving around sense. it is more like i am without rest. sleeping doesn't feel like sleep. being awake is just blah. Saturday i sat in bed all day, alternating between watching tv, staring at the wall, laying there half-asleep, trying to read. i don't know what i am supposed to do.


  1. Those times are certainly frustrating and unfortunately I have nothing more than the pat advice that this too will pass and the joy of reading, etc. will return. I think sometimes our bodies and minds just need to shut down for a bit to recharge. I usually get those moments about twice a year and my reading takes a dive during that time. Rather than doing what I should do, which is get outside more and use the time on some personal reflection, I usually cram it full of DVDs and video games until it passes. Not always the best use of the time.

    I hope all is well for you soon.


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