14 January 2008

so anyway...

yeah, 24 hours after i post about how i can't read anything i am posting about how i read something. sue me.

I got up this morning and when selecting reading material for work at 5:15 this morning i plucked The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin from my TBR shelf. I've read this a few times when i was a kid and remembered it fondly. So i started and finished it today but it is all of 180 pages. Clever mystery i remembered; i had forgotten the "happy happy joy joy" stuff at the end but it wasn't bad.

Got through a couple more essays in Lost and Philosophy and i am wishing more and more they had waited for this one. I MAY be able to finish it off today as i only have a 4 left. If it had come out after the show ended i think it would have been better. It is in the Blackwell Philosophy and Pop Culture series which i think is not as good as Popular Culture and Philosophy series entries. Maybe that is me. Of course, i am coming off reading one of the best volumes in Quentin Tarantino and Philosophy so maybe that is coloring my perceptions.

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