various things

1) Why is reordering your netflix queue so addictive? i mean, my next 3-6 things probably won't change but after that i KNOW i am going to move stuff around before i get there. So why do i bother? because it is fun. why is it fun? i have no freaking clue.

2) I've been reading through the forums on Poppet Planet because of a suggestion from Carl at Stainless Steel Droppings. It is all very interesting. It has also made me search for other online depression stuff and i have maybe 6 more websites to rummage through now. whether it's a help or not i don't know yet but i've got something to keep me busy.

3) Finished I, Robot by Isaac Asimov today. Hooray! I found it pretty good. A nice change. It isn't really a single story but a series of stories framed as a reporter working on a story about robotics. I loved the first story, Robbie, about a little girl who loves her robot nanny. The middle section, about Powell and Donovan, troubleshooting extraordinaires, was ok. They seemed to bitch back and forth like an old couple a lot.

One thing i found more interesting are the predictions about life around this time. We did so much better with computers than Asimov predicted. He mentions a talking robot that takes up a whole room that is really just a talking computer. And that there would be 3.3 billion people on Earth as of around 2050. We've past that already of course.

Also, though i haven't seen the movie, i don't know that the movie has anything the same with the book except the title and that it has robots. There is no murder mystery, no detective, no evil robots. so now that is on my netflix as well.

4)New Mythbusters tonight!

5) This is post 150 for me!

6) I'm feeling good today. BF loves me.


  1. I saw the movie many years ago, and it really has nothing to do with what you described! It's basically the story of a robot who has human feelings and fights to be acknowledged as a person. I remember enjoying it, but thinking that it was a bit too sentimental at times.

  2. I read Caves of Steel, another by Asimov, a few months ago and it seems like that book has more in common with the movie. it is at least about a cop, and a murder mystery.

  3. I haven't read the book, but based on your description it is nothing like the film. I did like the movie well enough. Nothing spectacular, but a good action film all the same. After reading the original Foundation trilogy, and loving it, I'd like to try I, Robot and some of the other robot novels in the future.


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