Another Oscar Movie

Friday we went to see There Will Be Blood. We had intended to see Atonement but dinner ran late so we hit a later show.

This was another movie that was practically silent. I don't know that there were two dozen words spoken in the first 30 minutes. it was both a big movie in it's sense of place but small in that it is essentially a character study of Daniel Plainview, an oilman in the beginning of the 20th century. I think i've talked before on this blog about not understanding people with ambition and movies like this show me exactly why i don't. I can't understand having no sense of "enough" or "satisfaction".

I would have to give this one 4/7 mainly because it was so desperately long. i was ready to go with 45 minutes left even though i was really interested in the story. i am sure the 25 minutes of commercials and previews for movies already in theaters didn't help. we went to a crappy theater; i'll no better next time.

BF seemed to like this one much more than i did. He actually launched into a analysis of Upton Sinclair's work, an author i really had no idea he had read. So i have a couple more books to read. *sigh*


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