Btt for 2/14

sad type of question today.

Have you ever fallen out of love with a favorite author? Was the last
book you read by the author so bad, you broke up with them and haven’t read
their work since? Could they ever lure you back?

How i miss Anne Rice. When i was a teenager our love was intense and passionate. I read and reread the Vampire Chronicles through Tale of the Body Thief, as at that time she had written no further. My copy of Lestat is so worn, underlined and loved that the cover has come off. I've wrapped it in newsprint and rubber bands but can't bear to throw it away. i inhaled the first two Mayfair witch novels. I read her one shots too: Cry to Heaven, The Mummy, Exit to Eden.

I'd say things started to go wrong when i was in college. I hated Memnoch the Devil and literally threw it aside when i finished; i couldn't stand what happened to Armand. Pandora and Violin and Servant of the Bones were not so good either. There were still some good times, like when i actually got to read Interview for a literature class or when i went to a stage production of that novel. But then She began cheating. She'd showed a character dying in one book and then brought them back later for a different one. Then she did it again!

But it was religion that finally came between us, as with so many couples. I couldn't handle the Christianity. So when i think of her i sigh, shake my head, and wonder what might have been.

I did get back at her though. I'm in love with her son!


  1. I agree. I loved the first three Vampire novels, and the first two Mayfair Witches books. You did better than me; I couldn't even get through Tale of the Body Thief. As for the Vampire/Witches crossovers .... I think she lost me forever then.

  2. I think the reason i really didn't like the crossovers was by that time the witch characters were SO over the top that they weren't people anymore. they seemed poorly plotted out as well.


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