A Pair of Sixes

Yesterday BF and I took in two movies: Juno and No Country for Old Men. Yes, we were trying to take in the Best Picture nominees and Yes, we were going for some variety. As I said in my title i gave both a 6/7.

We saw Juno first at 12:10. I loved the character, her best friend, her parents. I loved that she was super smart, super aware, yet REALLY didn't see where things were going with the potential adoptive dad. That's reality. You can have a grasp on 95% of the stuff going on around you yet that 5% can be a bitch. I've read a few things where people didn't like it because of the dialogue; they didn't feel it was realistic. I don't pepper my own words with references to random bands from the 70's but there is a shorthand that i can speak in, especially with BF (over 7 years can do that) or with my family. a shorthand where one word or phrase means more because they know what you are talking about. That's how i saw the dialogue personally. On a different note, without trying to be too spoilery, i burst into tears at the end. In retrospect, I know why i did but it startled me severely when it happened. I wasn't expecting that reaction at all. And it wasn't like tearing up slowly the way i normally do in movies. One second i am totally fine and five seconds later i am trying to hold back big sobs and have tears streaming down my face. I really need to do something about my mental state.

No Country was so very different. We took a 2 hour break and got some lunch then came back for this one at 3:50. We were in a small theater filled with much older people. People in their late 50's on up. Why do old people not like differently told movies? at the end, me and BF are stunned and smiling and overwhelmed by just how good this story was. The reaction of the rest of the theater was verbal "oh no!" "where's the rest of the movie?" and "i want my money back". All that just reconfirmed my opinion that old people like simple movies:good guys win, bad guys loose, told straightforward beginning to end with no ambiguity. why is that? The movie was so very good. Big and lonely and small and claustrophobic at once. this was a movie that i could have watched in another language and been just as fascinated.

So this week i have to decide what else i might wish to see. Of the three I've got left Atonement seems the most interesting. I also never got around to watching Sweeney Todd so maybe I'll try to get that in too soon.


  1. Glad you enjoyed Juno. I think most of the criticism I have read is petty and snarky and a bit ignorant as well. Kids young and old pepper their language with all kinds of things that may be obscure to those who don't travel in those circles. With the internet today and the fact that it opens up kids to all kinds of influences that they might not have come across otherwise, it doesn't seem that out of place for a teenager to have interests that range outside of the norm.


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