So I am Alive

We had some serious storms in Tennessee last night but me and mine are all fine. Most of the bad stuff started out west of where i am staying and slid north by the time it got to our area. BF got it much worse, seeing a green sky and watching tree branches fall like rain from the sky. He shall be smacked, however, because rather than sitting in his bathroom with his dog to wait out the storm he spent the time standing on his porch which is on the 3rd floor of his apartment building filming the action. Perhaps he will be double smacked.

In other news, I finished watching The Seven Samurai. I actually started it Monday night but didn't realize it was 3 1/2 hours long so had to stop. I liked it quite a bit but it was looooong. I know it is probably my stupid-young-American-impatience; I just think i would have liked it better if it was 45 mins shorter. there was just a bit too much of the peasants trying to find samurai who would work for them and then the lead up to the battle was a little long. I know i probably am missing the deep significance of the shots of people running in the rain but oh well. I still give it 5/7 and i still have a bunch of Kirosawa on my netflix queue.


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