First Narnia Book

I haven't ever read the Narnia books. I actually thought The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe was the first one. So I was surprised when I went to the library and found that The Magician's Nephew was the first book. I liked it well enough. I would have liked it more as a kid though. Now, I can see that he is smashing us over the head with Christianity but back then i wouldn't have known that. It is actually a little hard to describe the story but to say it is how Digory and Polly, two young English children, are present at the dawn of Narnia and also inadvertently bring evil into the young world. I would basically say it is 5/7. Seems very unfinished but i guess it should being the first of a series.

On a good note, I have whittled my library stack down to 2 in progress books and 3 to begin soon. This is an extremely good thing for me. For the longest time i had 4-5 in progress and 4-5 waiting. I have about 6 things that i am waiting for with a range of where i am in the queue (1 of 2 holds, 48 of 90, 17 of 18) which gives me a bit of time. Of course, i ordered 4 books from amazon in the last few days and 1 from paperback swap. Ick!

As for my challenges, i figure two and a half months in is a good place to give an update. Not counting the Chunkster and the Science Book challenges, which i intend to just fill in as i go along, i have registered for four so far for a total of 37 books. i have finished seven so i am 18% finished (i have too much fun with simple math) and have three more in progress which when done will make me 27% finished. so if i finish those three by the end of March i am perfectly aligned to get done by the end of the year. WOO HOO!

currently: waiting for LOST, drinking Reisling.


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