Furies of Calderon

I am not on a fantasy kick so much as it was my fantasy reads that got a bit backlogged. I finished Furies of Calderon by Jim Butcher. I haven't read anything by him before and i couldn't figure out why the style seemed familiar. Towards the end I realized that, in this novel at least, the setup, story and style were similar to some of Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar novels.

We have the young woman, Amara, who's an agent for the king. She uncovers a plot between her teacher and various mercenaries to overthrow the king. They are aided by some nobelman who wants to be king. Everyone can control various furies, elemental spirits of earth, or air, or wood, etc, which they can use sort of like magic, except for one teenaged boy Tavi. We have various levels of bad guys and a barriers to Amara protecting the realm. And a big battle scene at the end.


I think what i didn't like about this one is that no one died. No good guy or bad guy died. Now i don't like books where nobody lives either and i know this is the first of a series but you'd think the author could have made at least 1 death stick. There were plenty almost deaths, mortal injuries that work just slowly enough to keep the character alive long enough for the healer to fix them. I guess I just feel it is cheating a bit.

I give this one a 4/7. It wasn't bad and i may pick up the next one in the series just to see if it gets better but i probably wouldn't read it again.


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