Locke Lamora

I finally finally finished The Lies of Locke Lamora by Scott Lynch. I have literally had this book from the library for about 2 months. Before yesterday I had only gotten through about 150 of the 500 pages in the hardcover. It was my goal to get through another 150 yesterday but it just suddenly grabbed me and i finished it up just before the UNC/Duke game started last night. With breaks for a little cleaning and watching Vandy get beat by crappy ass Alabama *sigh*. Tonight the goal is to watch at least one, if not both, of my netflix movies.

So, the book. i really liked it. I had a bit of trouble getting into it obviously but i think it had more to do with my own sort of slump than anything in the book itself. i liked Locke, though i kept picturing him as Sawyer from LOST (the con man thing i guess) and i am pretty sure his description is nothing like Sawyer. I liked the rest of Locke's crew. The plots of the thieves were intricate and daring and i really loved that they just stole to steal, not even necessarily do anything with the money. I give it 6/7 and put his next one on my wish list.


  1. I really have heard nothing but good things about this one and should add it to my list sometime soon.

  2. It is good. It really is structured like a movie; first act setup of characters, second act reversal of fortunes and death and destruction, third act good guys triumphing. the chapters are interspersed with shorter pieces that describe Locke's childhood which don't make much sense at the time but end up being extremely important.


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