More Asimov

Why the HELL haven't I read him before? hmm? I keep having this awful feeling that i did read him before and forgot. Not that i recognize the stories or anything, it is just that i keep being unable to believe that i say i'm a fan of sci-fi and i haven't read him. surely i must have?

But i haven't. I read The Naked Sun today and I am sure I've not read it before. Elijah and Daneel team up again to solve a murder on an outer Spacer colony! A solid mystery which was good and fair as mysteries go. We got less of Daneel in this book but he was critical to various plot points. I really like Elijah. Smart and calm and a thinking hero! Both this and Caves of Steel would make such great movies. You'd have to play it straight to story though. No throwing in explosions, or high speed chases, or sex. Make it an old fashioned NOIR but with robots. and space travel. so super super cool. it could work! or maybe a tv show, stretching the mystery out Veronica Mars style to cover the season. They could maybe have a hovercar chase that way. by the by, book is a 6! I need to pick up Foundation soon.

currently: listening to BF's playlist on project playlist. cool!


  1. I certainly look forward to reading your thoughts on Foundation. I just loved the trilogy when I read it in January.

  2. It is on my list for the TBR challenge so i will definitely get to it this year.


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