More Non-Fiction

Finished The Conscience of a Liberal by Paul Krugman this morning. It was actually my second attempt at it; I had to return it to the library the first time and didn't get past about 50 pages. I did like it, particularly the last few chapters which are more "here's what progressives need to do" suggestions and plans. The first 2/3 is more about how liberals/Democrats created the New Deal, how those programs caused inequality to shrink and then how movement conservatives gained power and caused a reversal of the good trends of the previous 50 years. So the first part is harder to read, more difficult emotionally because you can really SEE how much better things could be. Krugman makes some really good comparisons across countries as well, showing the differences between the US and Canada, France and Great Britain. Well worth the time to read, very recommended. Something I wish my Dad would read. i give it 6/7.


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