More Vampires

This morning I finished another book for the TBR challenge! The Society of S, by Susan Hubbard, is another vampire book. Sort of an "Interview with a Teenaged Vampire" set today. Myspace, blogs, ipods and role playing games all get a mention. It is ok but really makes me want to read Twilight by Stephanie Meyer that is still sitting unopened on my shelf. As I pulled up the Amazon link for this one I saw that Hubbard has a second novel coming out in May which is a continuation. I would probably get around to reading the next eventually but it isn't super high. I am going to pass this one to my little sister, so i give it a strong 4.

On the TBR list, I have finished 3 and am in the middle of 2 more, The Tender Bar on audio and The Historian, which i have been on hiatus from for about a month. Maybe I'll pick that one back up soon.


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