Non-Fic Kick

Done with another! Today I finished The Year of Living Biblically by A.J. Jacobs. I really like his voice. I read The Know-It-All a few years ago and enjoyed it as well. Year is about how he follows the Bible as literally as possible. He actually takes a bit longer than a year as the end coincides with his wife having twins. Some is pretty hilarious, like the shots of his growing beard and his encounters with various ultra-conservative Christians. I mean, he wears white robes and puts tassles on his clothes. He definitely went into it with a far better outlook than i would. But of course i would never attempt to do something like this. I did also enjoy the parts where he discusses the cognitive dissonance of religions: that all religions leave out something (slavery, stoning adulterers, animal sacrifice) and how the practitioners rationalize that. I give it 5/7.


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