What is the word for a word that means two things? like a crane can be a bird or a piece of equipment on a construction site or a glare is a particularly mean look from someone or the reflection of light off a shiny surface. I ask this because i finished The Lost Language of Cranes by David Leavitt yesterday. I had intended to use this book as my animal one for the What's in a Name challenge but the crane of the title is the construction equipment type. Should i still count it? The book was ok. 4/7. I am in a really bad place in my life and i have a hard time with stories that don't finish. I don't mind sad endings, or even ambiguous ones, but i don't care for books that just give you a section of time with no resolution of any sort. The story involves Philip, a gay 20-something in the early 80's, his couple of friends, his father who is facing the fact that he is gay as well and his mother who doesn't know. Of course, everybody comes out, the parents end up worse off and Philip, i think, a little better. The coming out parts were very good and did give me some good perspective on how my friends may have felt telling their parents. Nobody got AIDS which is cool for an 80's gay story. But too much was unresolved, like real life i guess. I would say it isn't exactly a bad read but just dull and not what i needed. It is another one for the 1K1 list though. only 922 to go!

Am i going to have to move to Canada? i ask this because i also finished Naomi Wolf's The End of America. It frightened me. It really really frightened me. A complete and total 7. It is a survey of the several steps governments pass through as they move from a democracy to facism. The scary bit is that it also notes where America is on each of these steps. The parts about the surveillance society and search and seizure struck home. As an example, the library here recently updated its website. One of the functions it added is the ability to track what you've read and you have to opt in to use it as right now they can't track what is not currently checked out or on hold. I am not going to use it because i worry how that might me used against me. Am i paranoid? probably. I've checked out gobs of liberal non-fiction books as well as bunches of banned-at-some-point novels. If i am worried about that coming back to haunt me that isn't freedom. I am really tempted to buy a half-dozen copies and give them to my family and friends. I can't recommend this highly enough.

currently: pissed the snow has already melted.


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