The Tender Bar

I finished up The Tender Bar by J.R. Moehringer today. A memoir which I have been meaning to read for a few years and finally did for the TBR challenge. I thought it was pretty good. I know there have been several memoirs that have turned up as fakes recently but as the author is a Pulitzer Prize winner I figured it had to be pretty legit. I heard the audiobook and the reader was very good, coming up with over a dozen male voices alone for the various characters. I figure this is a 5. The basic story is about a boy growing up without a father in his life. He has a weird family situation and idolizes the bar down the street and the men who hang out there. When he finally gets to go there, it becomes a huge fixture in his life. It is a book about storytelling, the importance of language, the interconnectedness of lives. At first i was a little disappointed because i thought it was about a kid who literally grew up in a bar, like the Simpsons episode where Bart becomes a bartender for the Mob. But the story is wonderful. It drags a bit in the middle; i got tired of hearing about how the author didn't fit in at Yale. But once he graduates we get a lot of bar happenings and the story picks right up.

One thing i did with this one that i don't normally do with non-fiction was look up the author as well as his cousin McGraw who figures greatly in the story. Random girl observation: author not as cute as i pictured, McGraw cuter than i thought.

So i need to work on the Russian and Name challenges and my OUaT list too. I need to put TBR aside for at least a month to make some progress on those.


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