Less is More

Continuing with my "save the Earth" theme that i have running through my non-fiction reading I finished up Simple Prosperity by David Wann last night. Like Affluenza, this book is about how our consumer, corporate driven money culture is damaging the world as well as hurting us. I think that is the point that a lot of people **coughRepubilicanscough** don't get.

I did like this book, truly. But as someone who isn't afflicted with Affluenza, who lives relatively simply already, it didn't have as many good ideas as i would have liked. Many of the big ideas are geared toward homeowners and are not really applicable to apartment dwellers (i don't have a lawn i can grow food in or string a clothesline across, i have no control over what i get if one of my appliances goes out) and many of the smaller ideas i am already doing (buying CFL bulbs, going to the Farmer's Market). It would be great to live closer to work but there's no way I can afford it. I would love to drive a hybrid but again, cost is a factor so i drive a Nissan Versa. The bus system in Nashville is a joke. I would have to take a bus from where i live to downtown Nashville, then take a bus from downtown out towards where i work, then walk about 2.5 miles to my work. Besides the time traveling being tripled I have to be at work at 6 am and no bus could get me to work by then. UGH.

This is one that should be required reading for any city planner or someone looking to buy a home though. There is a ton of information on creating people friendly, environmentally sound neighborhoods. The section on psychology is really informative too. I give this one a 5 but i had hoped it would be better.


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