Lists! We don't need no stinkin' lists!

So I took a four day weekend. I usually have Friday and Saturday off, so I took Sunday and Monday too. It was very nice to not have to worry about going in. I could completely get used to a work-3-days-off-4-days schedule.

So Friday I did my normal running around thing. Therapy, lunch with BF, Target, Best Buy, etc. Found a very neat used book/music/movie store called McKay's (actually suggested by my therapist strangely enough) but only bought one book because i was overwhelmed. I will probably head there on my next payday with a list and see what i can see. Saturday I mainly just kinda laid around. I did hit the library where i found i actually had 3 books available from my hold list, not 1 as i had thought.

Sunday BF and I took a drive down Natchez Trace. We drove about 80 miles from Nashville down to Meriwether Lewis' grave. Took Chloe, our dog, who loved jumping and splashing at the waterfalls we visited. BF took a bunch of pictures but many were overexposed. I did take some decent ones of BF and Chloe so perhaps I can post those on my Flickr page later. Got a decent sunburn on my shoulders and neck; wasn't expecting that in April.

Monday I hung out at home. Played a lot of Sims, read, watched I, Robot (much better than i thought) and Good Night and Good Luck (pretty good) then went to BF's to watch the Championship game.

So I've now got 5 books from the library that I can't renew. With 2 more coming in the next week or so I'm reading strictly from library books, not my lists, at least until i get through the soon to be due books.

Read God is Not Great by Christopher Hitchens. Really liked it. Had this on hold since it came out. Made me feel good actually because it is GREAT to read angry, pissed off, we are better than you atheists. I don't mean to tick off the religious specifically but i live in the Bible belt and am tired of seeing more churches than bookstores. I wonder why the only places kids can play outside are fast food restaurants and churches. I am tired of looking at these giant churches knowing they are sucking up energy and only being used 2 days a week and while these stand empty we've got people sleeping on benches downtown. I feel so sorry sometimes for these people who are afraid of an invisible man who lives in the sky who may torture them for thought crimes. So it is so rewarding to read some solid refutations of religious arguments. I give this one a 6. the only reason i don't say a 7 is that i know i wouldn't recommend it to any solidly religious person because they'd be all offended.

Randomly, I also happen to be working on the Narnia books and finished The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by CS Lewis. While this one wasn't due back, it was a tiny short little thing i was able to read quickly. I have to say it; I liked the movie much better. Not just because we get to see the great battle scene but we see the characters more realistically. The kids in the book seem a little wooden and come across the screen much better. I realized as i was writing this up it could count under Once Upon a Time 2, so i am going to count it. I'd say I'll give it a 5/7 as if i had kids I'd probably want them to read it.


  1. Oh yea, LWW definitely counts as fantasy. I'm looking forward to seeing the new film, I hope it is at least as good as the first one.


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