Prince Caspian

These books are soooooooo easy to breeze through. Seriously, I finished the last half of this one yesterday while waiting for various things on my Sims 2 game to load. Prince Caspian by CS Lewis is the fourth Narnia book and I can really see why they picked this one to bring to the screen after LWW. First off, the same kids are all in it as children; I don't know yet if this holds true for any other ones but the end of this book implies we won't see Peter or Susan in Narnia as children again. Secondly, we get another big battle as well as a one-on-one duel. Aslan shows up, plenty of talking animals, a Bacchanalian Revel which will all be great to see on screen. This one gets another 5.


  1. This is one I haven't read. It will be interesting to see how you and others who have read it feel the movie presents the story, whether it is a good adaptation or not. I have high hopes for it, but we'll see.

  2. I am so excited about May! basically every weekend has something awesome to see.


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