Religion is Creepy!

I got off work 2 hours early yesterday! Hooray for me!

My therapist says something that will help me is to do different things, meet new people, move away from my work-where I am staying-eat-sleep cycle. It is hard to find something that is different, I am tired, and I am tired of trying but I feel like i need to give one more try before giving up to this ickiness completely. Hopefully this time I'll feel better, about myself and BF and my relationships. She's recommended a couple books (I like to read, did you know?) that I may or may not review on here. She's given me some specific things to try before but last week she suggested I go to a movie at the Nashville Film Festival. So I had planned to go to a movie after work but with my 2 extra hours I got to see one I really wanted to see, a documentary called Join Us. Check out the trailer.

This one is about a cult. A Christian church with a charismatic (apparently, i don't see it) leader who has almost complete control over his paritioners lives. They live in houses he owns, the men work for his construction company, the wives seem to only stay home with the kids. The unmarrie woman the documentary covers actually leaves her teaching career that she has won awards doing to work at O'charleys because the leader says she's too prideful. We meet the various people as they are entering a treatment center for cult recovery. Some of the characters (do you call people in a documentary characters?) are really ready to be done with the church but others are more reticent. There is a relatively happy ending, if real life can have an ending before death, but towards the end one person says "Are there any churches that aren't a cult?" As an atheist I know what my answer is but i do understand the difference that regular people see between church and cult.

This one is another 6.

This is post 200!


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