Weekly Geeks and a few other Brain Dribbles

Anybody else have Netflix? if so, click here you can add me as a friend there. random, i know.

So i joined up to the Weekly Geeks challenge. Hosted by Dewey at Hidden Side of a Leaf. It isn't exactly a challenge; it is more like BTT where you post on a topic or theme. Each week there will be a different theme. This week the theme is Discover New Blogs! We are to pick 5 new to us blogs from the other people who've signed up then read and give a comment. pretty easy!

1) Naked Without Books
2) Facing Abuse

Is it me or are there a lot more female book bloggers than male?


  1. I've noticed the same. I can only think of 4 male book bloggers than I know.

  2. Yeah, I think there are more women than men. . . but thanks for mentioning this girl.

  3. I read about 6 or 7 male book bloggers, but there sure aren't many. I wonder sometimes how they feel about that.

  4. Hey! I'm here via Weekly Geeks - I think I've read you before though, but don't tell anyone!

    Nice site!

  5. Nymeth, andi, and dewey: it just seems strange because in my family the men and the women read. I know that at least in school though it is lopsided that girls read more than boys.

    Bibliolatrist, and everyone: thanks for visiting!


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