10 out of 100

More work on the 1001 list. Mee at Books of Mee is hosting a challenge on the 1001 Books list. For this, you read 1 out of each section of 10, skipping any sections that you have already read a book from. End date is October 31.

01-10-skipping, I've read The Plot Against America
11-20-Lambs of London by Peter Ackroyd
21-30-The Story of Lucy Gault by William Trevor
31-40-Youth by JM Coetzee
41-50-Don't Move by Margaret Mazzantini
51-60-Nineteen Seventy Seven by David Peace
61-70-skipping, read House of Leaves
71-80- Cryptonomicon by Neil Stephenson, also on my TBR challenge.
81-90-Amsterdam by Ian Mcewan
91-100- skipping, read Memoirs of a Geisha

Speaking of the 1001 list, I finished Foundation by Isaac Asimov yesterday. Also a book on my TBR challenge. This makes the fourth I've read by the author. Caves of Steel and Naked Sun were both murder mysteries and I, Robot and Foundation are more a series of short stories that are linked. I really liked Foundation. In a weird way it reminded my of heist/con movies, like the Ocean's series or Confidence. We see certain events but aren't given enough to figure out exactly what is happening until we get the "gotcha" moment when the plan comes together. The characters know much more than the reader and we don't really see into their heads. It works well though. The Foundation starts out as a way for a brilliant scientist to get a large group of people out to the far reaches of space in order to begin an Encyclopedia (woohoo Hitchhiker's guide) of human knowledge. His name is Hari Seldon and he is a psychohistorian. There's math involved too as he is able to predict out various crises that his group will face and sets up things that allow the group to solve them. My synopsis isn't making too much sense; the book explains it much better over a chapter or two. This is a 5 and I'll definitely pick up the next one in the series sometime!

So I will close off this post with a quote. I never put in quotes from books in their own review at least but this one stood out by its repetition as well as being very applicable to current events.

"Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent"


  1. After reading I, Robot last month I've been looking for a copy of Foundation without any luck.. sounds like I'll enjoy it.


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