Book about SEX!!!

This post is going to be about sex. No, not about my lack of ability to get any, but about a book about sex. Bonk, by Mary Roach, is about sex. Sex researchers, studies on sex, bizarre inventions that came out of studies on sex, etc. It was really interesting and not at all titillating. You don't get all excited reading it. Mostly I was cringing. The various remedies for ED are particularly bad. Metal. Bendable insertable metal. That's all I am going to say about that. She details a lot of studies, some of which she even participated in! I have to say I might have signed up for some of the studies given the opportunity. Definitely a 6.

I really liked her previous two, Stiff and Spook, and I think this one is as good. They are all relatively short books and informative. It sounds stupid to say "it really makes you think" but Roach's books do make you think. She's made us think about what happens to your body when you die, about the scientific basis for the afterlife, about our hangups and prejudices about sex. I can't wait to find out what she wants us to think about next.


  1. I certainly give her props for having such fun names for her books!

    And yes, the bendable metal idea is a cringeworthy one!!!


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