Girls Rock

So before i go on my mass media movie binge, diving into an orgy of bright lights, colors, superheroes, explosions, fast cars, talking animals and guys with whips, I decided to take in one more real movie. Another documentary, Girls Rock! is awesome! It is a film about the Rock and Roll Camp for Girls in Portland, OR. Over a week of day camp, girls from 7-18 learn to play instruments, create a band, write songs, scream, dance and meet plenty of non-traditional female role models.

On the surface this could be just a fun, cool movie about kids making music. It is truly so much deeper. It is one thing to read the statistics about girls' self image and another to see a girl, maybe 10 years old, who is literally afraid to scream, to be loud. To hear the 15-yr old talk about how much she hates herself. To hear the 7-yr old's really dark lyrics or how sad the 8-yr old is because she's shunned at school. We get to see them change, open up and become free to be themselves. By the end the 8 yr old makes friends, the 15 yr old is ecstatic "I'm interesting! I'm amazing!" and I just cried. I hope these girls hang onto the experience when they go back home, that they use those memories to boost themselves up going forward.

So this is a 7. I recommend it to everyone but especially to anyone who has a daughter, no matter the age. My niece is just 3 and i am going to get this one for her parents at Christmas. As the group has a camp in Murfreesboro, just 20-odd miles south of Nashville, I also sent all the camp info to my mom and little sister, who's 13. It really looks like an incredible experience.


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