Ren Fest

I went with R to the Renaissance Festival Saturday. It was a good day all around. No sunburn, yummy turkey leg, beer, kettle corn and lots of entertainment. R posted pics on his flickr page so I am showing them off! Click on any to see!

The joust referee.

Dancing gypsies!

Girl fight!


Friday night we went to see Indiana Jones. We both liked it and I can see why it was number one this weekend since at least 3 showings on Friday were sold out. I liked it ok but it really could have been SO MUCH BETTER. Even with the same story, just adjusting what the characters said and did would have really improved it. I loved Marion for the first 10 minutes or so she was on screen but then she didn't have anything to do but make googley eyes at Indy. Just giving her a little more to do and say would have helped. I liked Mutt well enough though the whole swinging vine scene with the monkeys was way too much of a play for the kids.

I really liked the whole opening sequence. The secret warehouse in Area 51 and nuclear test were great. But why have the CIA guys hassle Indy if the movie isn't going to do anything with that? If they just wanted to fill us in on what he did in WWII and after it could have been handled better. I really thought Indy was going to be fighting against the US government and the Russians based on that scene. After that beginning though they really did tone down the violence. In Raiders we get melting faces and the suggestion of torture, in Temple of Doom we get hearts pulled from chests and child slavery. Even in Last Crusade the we get multi-generational sex and book burning. In Skull we get Russians who turn into dust as they get sucked into an inter-dimensional portal. woo hoo.

Lastly, if they wanted to set a movie in Meso-America, why not have Indy facing the Nazis hiding out in South America? Weren't there some dictators down there at that time? We could have had a movie more like Temple of Doom with Indy involved in some local problem and saves Bolivia or Nicaragua.

So Ren Fest gets a 7 and Indy a 4.


  1. "Could have been so much better" should be the tagline when the film comes out on DVD. What a sad waste of potential.

    You have me very jealous talking of turkey legs and kettle corn. Yum!!! I have to wait months before our fall festivals will bring that food back. I cannot wait!!!


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