Starship Troopers

Last night I finished up Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. First off, it is significantly better than the god-awful movie. No dumb love story, no cutesy, bouncy girls, no goofy happy ending. Not that it has an unhappy ending. It is actually a very simple story. War, and the training for it. I went into it expecting a lot of politics and political theory but it wasn't as much as i thought. Heinlein articulates the side of military might, the shoot first ask questions later, firm father discipline. He writes a damn good defense of the position. But it is a good book even without the politics. Training for war, future suits, weapons and battle tactics always make good reading for me. It is a 5 for me.

I got an Early Review copy from LibraryThing. Well, I won a copy and should receive it shortly. I am super excited and intend to read it as soon as I get it. The book is On a Day Like This by Peter Stamm.


  1. I have more hope now that I will enjoy this when I get around to it. I've really enjoyed the Heinlein I've read in the past but sort of avoided this because of the awful movie, eventhough I knew it wasn't a faithful adaptation. I'm encouraged! Thanks!

  2. You might enjoy the Yahoo Group I'm in called classic Sci-Fi. that's what i read ST for. They only read things more than 30 years old. last month was OUT OF THE SILENT PLANET, by CS Lewis and next month is MY NAME IS LEGION, by Roger Zelazny.


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