Weekend Update with Melanie

Movie first. R and i went to Speed Racer on Friday night at the IMAX theater here. Yes, I have since read the bad reviews. But what did they expect from a PG movie about a cheesy cartoon that includes a pet chimp? High Drama? We went to the 9:40 at night showing and we had a bunch of people our age in line, as well as several dads with kids between 8-12 who all seemed very excited. I personally really liked it. It was a candy-colored explosion. It was fun. Ridiculous car races, a great Evil Villian (though i did want to yell "England Prevails" a few times), good chemistry between the actors. Nice to see Matthew Fox as something besides intense Dr. Jack from LOST. Christina Ricci is still hot, John Goodman seems to have lost weight? A nice 5.

Speaking of V for Vendetta, R and I were headed to Noshville for breakfast (though as we slept late it was about 11 and we both felt like lunch when we got there. I had the best roast beef sandwich and they have incredible coffee too.) and saw a few teenagers walking downtown, one of whom had on a Guy Fawkes mask! R of course had to cheer at them and the kids waved back. Had a really good weekend with R in general, which makes me feel good. :)

Finished up Out of the Silent Planet by CS Lewis yesterday evening. It is a short little sci-fi book published in 1938. I liked it well enough. It is a solid first book in what i think is a trilogy. Two Englishmen, Weston and Devine, build a spaceship and kidnap a third, Ransom, to present to the natives of Mars. Ransom runs off, meets the locals and learns their language and customs. There are three different sentient beings on Mars: Seroni, who are tall and slender, the Hrossa, who seem to be a sort of bear-seal, and the Pfifltriggi, which are frog-ish gnomes. Ransom is told by an eldil, a sort of angel/spirit, that he must meet with the Oyarsa, who is sort of the god of the planet. So he does, we get more bad impressions of Weston and Devine, and then Earth trio get sent home. The theme that runs through the book is how Earth, and men, are bent or fallen. The Oyarsa of Earth became evil and that is why men are what they are. These are spiritual aspects which i am beginning to believe must carry over through all of Lewis' work. Do I see it because I am aware of it? If I didn't know about CS Lewis' religion I do think I would have seen it in the Narnia books. This one is a 5 i think.


  1. I absolutely loved Out of the Silent Planet - but That Hideous Strength, the third one in that trilogy - is my fav. Talking animals always get me.


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