This week's is about books you loved as a child. This, for me, is going to be a very weird list. I remember reading little kid books at maybe age 5 or so. I remember reading adult novels, fantasy, sci-fi, horror, at age 8 or so. I don't know that I had much of a "proper books for my age" stage. I remember reading a few and liking them, like Stuart Little and The Hobbit, and I remember not particularly caring for some, like Nancy Drew and Judy Blume and Sweet Valley High. I didn't get into comics until middle school so they weren't a big deal when i was really young.

So here's a random list of things I do remember loving very much and reading multiple times. Yes, I was a strange kid. I know I am forgetting a ton of books that i probably loved.

The Westing Game by Ellen Rankin, The Shining and The Eyes of the Dragon by Stephen King, From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsberg, some greek mythology book with intricate illustrations and was half non-fiction history and half the stories of the various gods, the Scary Stories Series, the Lone Wolf series (a game book like the choose your own adventure books but with hit points), the Sherlock Holmes stories.

Reading some of the other Geek posts, i have decided i need to use more pictures on my blog. Expect more color as soon as i figure out how to put a picture in, not just at the top of the post.


  1. I LOVED The Eyes of the Dragon. I read it so many times I think it finally fell apart. I may have to go to the library to get it again. It is one book I will reread. I too was reading books that were probably not quite right for my age, but I did like the Sweet Valley High ones.

  2. I read Rebecca and Gone with the Winds and Rebecca at 12. Finished almost all the Dickens books before I was 15!

    Childhood Memories

  3. I recently had the pleasure of reading From the Mixed Up Files... to my daughter. This was one of my absolute favorite childhood books, too!

  4. You sound a lot like me with the "adult" books. I wrote about the same thing in my post (although I still did enjoy "regular" kids books).

  5. Juli-- i always recommend Eyes of the Dragon to people who say they hate King or don't like fantasy. it is just such a different book that people seem to like it.

    GT- I didn't read rebecca until last year but i did reread Gone with the Wind a bunch of times in middle and high school. I think because my name is Melanie and that was one of the few books that had a Melanie.

    Smallworld--I loved that one as a kid and wanted to run away to a musuem. I think i still do actually!

    heather-- seems like a good many participants were reading above their age level. I wonder about how that has affected adult reading habits. Do the kids who had lower reading skills read now? Do we like reading because we were able to read better stuff earlier?

  6. Anonymous16/5/08 06:07

    oh my, you read stephen king when you were a young girl? i'm not even brave enough to read him now!!



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