Another 7

I guess I am having a pretty good reading month! Today I finished The Book of Lost Things by John Connolly and I give it a 7. A book that i can count for both the YA challenge and Once Upon a Time 2. Yay!

I loved it. Really really loved it. The story is pretty fairy tale basic: a boy looses his mother, gets a step-mother and half brother he resents. The boy reads a lot, living in his own head and one night follows the sound of his mother's voice into a different world. The Crooked Man, or Trickster, is the bad guy trying to make our hero betray another person. The boy has adventures, earns enemies and friends, and finally meets the king whom he hopes will return the boy to his own world.

But the story shines because it really is turning all the other fairy tales on their heads. Little Red Riding Hood becomes a story about bestiality; Sleeping Beauty is really a vampire and Hansel and Gretel are truly fucked up. The boy's story also is not typical: he's living in Britain during WWII, his stepmother isn't evil, he visits a psychiatrist. But like fairy tales (why are they called that? only a couple i can think of have fairies...) this is a story of growing up, leaving childhood behind, and ultimately about living without regret.

I know several people have read and reviewed this but I am not sure where right now. If i run across your post, I'll link to it I promise.

Update: Traci's Review, Susan's Review, Renay's, Stephanie's, and Chris's!

So in other news I've found an apartment. I've mentioned (i think?) that I am staying with friends and have been since September. So as of July 8 I will have my own place again, just a few miles from where i work. no more 50 mile round trips! Hooray for me! Anyone live in Nashville and want to help me move? :)


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    Hey, thanks for linking to my review!


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