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Not too much going on. Have been hanging out with R, cooking, watching movies, sleeping, watching basketball, etc.

Finished up two books in the last few days. I finally finally finally finished Rebel Angels by LIbba Bray on audiobook. I say all the finallys because I've had it from the library for about 3 months. I just kept renewing it. I would say I didn't like this one as much as the first. There were several things that threw me off in it, things i feel an editor should have caught. Just glitches in the time line, people that pop up without explanation, etc. While the first book was about as long it didn't feel anywhere near as long. But with this one i had to keep dragging myself back to it. I just never felt like listening to it. The basic plot is that Gemma and her friends must find the Temple in the Realms and bind the magic that Gemma set free in the first novel. Love and family intrigue complicate things, as do the Christmas holidays the girls must spend in London rather than together in school. We actually find out who Circe is, which I didn't expect and was a pretty good twist. I give this one a 4/7 but will still listen to the last one. I do love hearing the English accents.

As the non-fiction entry, I loved How to Pick a Peach by Russ Parsons. Also a library book, i have already gone on amazon to purchase the paperback version. It is a great book, a 7 from me. The author was the food critic for the LA Times. Part cookbook, part food dictionary, Parsons talks about the local food movement and educates on things most people don't know anymore: when things are in season, where they are grown and how to tell the good and ripe from the bad. He sets up his book by the seasons, starting in spring. The recipes, for the most part, are not terrible complicated. The author wants to show off the great freshness of the food, not how talented the cook is. Seriously, I have hated brussel sprouts and cabbage since childhood, yet because of this book I want to try some fresh ones just to see.

So, in keeping with the food theme, R and I went to the Farmer's Market here in Nashville. We both got Amish bread, tomatoes, asparagus, strawberries, and R picked up a cantalope and a watermelon. R is going to try the strawberry preserve recipe from the book so I'll post on how that turns out. No, not all we bought was strictly local or seasonal but most was and we were supporting the locals with our purchases. YAY!


  1. We were just talking this weekend about how we need to make the Farmer's Market a regular visit each Saturday morning during the summer. Nothing better than fresh fruits and veggies.

  2. R made some great strawberry preserves. very very good on the Amish bread. I am trying to eat more locally and limit some of my meat consumption again too so we'll see how it goes.

  3. Welcome to the Non-Fiction Five Challenge, Melanie! Glad to see that you've already posted one. :) Happy Reading!


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