Deep Economy

I've got literally 11 books from the library right now. I have 1 more to get through by next Monday and 3 more by the 3rd of July. Might not make those but we'll see.

I finished Deep Economy by Bill McKibben. The basic idea is that unlimited economic growth is impossible to sustain, running the environment into the ground as well as ruining American's lives. Our extreme individualism and "every man for himself" attitiudes have eroded our communities, literally and figuratively. He gives a lot of examples on how to rebuild communities from places that have done it. Sure, some are in Portland, OR or the author's state of Vermont but others are throughout the US and the world.

One statistic that stuck out to me is that people have 10 TIMES more conversations at the farmer's market than the grocery store! 10 TIMES! But I completely believe it. Just from the fact that many of the prices aren't marked require you to talk to the sellers. You ask about prices, how long they'll have certain things, when they'll have something else in season. You chat about where they're from, the weather in general, what's selling and what isn't. They'll point you down the row when they are out of something to a seller who has it. At the grocery store, I don't even talk to cashiers because of the self checkout.

I give this one a 5. There were plenty of good ideas but nothing truly mind blowing. It did get me wondering about how I live and how far that can sometimes feel from how I want to live. I mean, what could I do if I wasn't worried about having health insurance? If I wasn't worried about the cost of graduate school and loans to live while in school?

I think you've caught me in a bit of a transitional period.


  1. "It did get me wondering about how I live and how far that can sometimes feel from how I want to live"...sometimes that alone is worth the time spent with a book.

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