Fun, with Usable Tips!

Sometimes I read something and think, "I could have written that". Occasionally, like when i made the mistake of reading The DaVinci Code I even think "hell, I could have written a better book that that trash". Today I read something that i could have written, but not nearly as well. Hilariously funny, How to Survive a Horror Movie by Seth Grahame-Smith is, well, about surviving a horror movie. Lots of funny tidbits, including how to tell what type of horror movie you may be in, various killers and how to counter them, and all the rules for horror in general. Here's one from the section on "What to do if your corn has children in it"

Fire up the crop duster: Drop Pot Brownies! It doesn't matter what kind of demon they have protecting them, nothing has more power over a child than the smell of fresh-baked brownies--especially when you've been existing on nothing but raw corn for months. Drop a few pot-laced batches over the focal point of the infestation and wait for the hungry vermin to gobble them up. When you hear "Redemption Song" or "Comfortably Numb" in the distance, that's your cue to drive into the field, round them up (they won't resist) and dump them at the nearest 24-hour diner, where they'll share a plate of gravy fries and talk about death till the sun comes up.

Great stuff. Another lovely bit is that the author give 4 sure-fire ejection seats to use if you can't escape the Terrorverse, things like spouting beautiful dialogue or getting to a cost prohibitive location. A 6. If you liked The Zombie Survival Guide you'll like this. Trust me. The last few pages even tell you how to defeat the big man, Satan, himself!

I also completed A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L'Engle. I thought, before I read it, that I might have read it before. I am almost certain now that I did not. I may not have remembered the specific events but I would have remembered the Mrs. Whatsit, Whos, and Which. I did like it am going to drop it into my YA challenge list since I just can't seem to read the books I've actually got on the list. I'm not going to go over the story. A weird blend of sci-fi and fantasy, I really immediately liked Meg, the main character. I thought it ended a touch abruptly but since it is the first in a series that can be forgiven. A 5 from me.


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