George Carlin

I've mentioned I had a pretty liberal upbringing. My parents didn't really restrict much of what we saw, watched, or read, and didn't mind their own language too much either, though i can't remember too many Fucks being said around. Some of my earlier memories of my dad are of watching tv, like Saturday Night Live or comedy HBO specials. I remember seeing George Carlin on HBO with him when i was maybe 8. My dad laughed hysterically throughout. Even though I personally didn't get all the jokes, I knew this guy had to be good to get my dad going like that. I may or may not have heard this then but it is one i love.

I hope the sun embraces you Mr. Carlin.


  1. I was so surprised that he was as old (and really I don't consider the 70s old) as he was. I don't know why I lived with this delusion that he was in his 50s or early 60s. I don't really recall any of his comedy, though I know I've seen him perform on television, but what I do remember is that he played the role of the conductor on Shiny Time Station, a bizarrely quaint children's show that I watched with my daughter when she was little. I loved that show. Ringo Starr played the same part during some episodes but I preferred Carlin.

  2. I worked in a daycare 99-2002 and now that you mention the show i know i saw some of the Ringo Starr episodes! weird, i didn't know carlin did that. I remember his Fox tv show.


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