A book I sorely needed after finishing God's Brothel, Irreligion by John Allen Paulos is completely summed up by it's subtitle: A Mathematician Explains Why the Arguments for God Just Don't Add Up. Very concise and coherent. It is a little book that discusses some of the proofs that philosophers use to prove God exists. He goes through the ones that are easy to disprove but hard to counter, like the argument from miracles or faith or the gambling arguement. He also shows how some proofs, like bible codes and probabilities, fall apart when looked at mathematically. The maths aren't hard to follow, though I did loose the flow a bit when he started talking about sets. It has been like 13 years since I had any formal math classes (I had to take calculus my freshman year of college) and other than that one part I was able to follow just fine. I give this one a 5.

On the movie front, R and I (and several others) saw The Hulk Friday night. Was it a miracle of moviemaking? No. Was it enjoyable and significantly better than Ang Lee's version? Most definitely. Decent action, solid CGI, funny moments (Lou Ferrigno and Stan Lee) and a bit of romance. Edward Norton is a good actor with beautiful toes. I'll say it is a 5 as well.

For the Life entry, I hadn't gone out and gotten awful, blank spaces drunk in a very long time. Friday night i did that as well and it was pretty nice. I never get pukey and hardly ever get hung over so Saturday morning (when I finally woke up at 10, didn't get to bed until about 2:30) I was fine. While I don't intend to do this all the time it was a nice change. Saturday for dinner R made some great eggplant parmesean. YUM! The food was a 7!


  1. Haven't heard of this book, but it sounds like something I'd really enjoy. Thanks for the review!

    And Ed Norton is a total hottie. Haven't seen his toes, but I believe it.

  2. The only reason i noticed the toes is because, as The Hulk, he rips through various outfits, including shoes.


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