My year, half finished for WG 9

Weirdly enough, I had been writing this post over the last 2 days to put up at the beginning of July. Now that it is a Weekly Geek Topic, I'll go ahead and post it now. Being halfway finished, or halfway begun, with the year, I felt it was a good time to give an update on challenges, totals, and my life in general.

Totals first. I have finished 57 books, 20 of which were non-fiction and 43 total were from the library.

Challenges now.
For the Russian Reading Challenge I've got 3/7 done.
For the Young Adult Challenge I am done with 7/12. Woo Hoo!
For the TBR challenge I've finished 6/12.
For the Science Book Challenge I am finished with 2/3.
For the What's in a Name challenge I am super sucking. I've just got 1/6 finished. really got to work on that one.
I completed the Once Upon a Time 2 challenge in time.
For the 10 out of 1001 Challenge I haven't read any of the books.
For the 1% Well Read Challenge I've read 1 book out of 10.

For the life section it is hard to say. I'm back in my own place in a few weeks, which is nice. I am probably 20% less depressed than in January but still have some pretty shitty days. I start yoga next week, which is good i guess. But i turn 32 in July as well and i don't know how i am going to be with that. Normally birthday's aren't a big deal but as everything is a big deal now i may freak. I really want to schedule some time to go back to Louisiana but don't know when that may be possible.


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