Almost out of Narnia

So, since there was some kind of run on The Silver Chair by CS Lewis I actually requested it from the library. Got it earlier this week and finished it up last night. I have to say i think this is probably my second favorite so far. The Horse and His Boy was probably best, then this one then Prince Caspian. No Pevensies in this one but we follow their cousin, Eustace, who we met in Dawn Treader and his friend Jill as they search for Caspian's long lost son Rilian. The EVE-ILL witch is back with a new plot to take over Narnia, which the Prince and the children foil. This one is a 6.

So i am moving this weekend and will be in my own apartment from now on. YAY!!!


  1. I am embarrassed to say that I never made it this far in the Narnia series. Not because I didn't enjoy the others, I just put them aside. Someday!

    Congrats on your new place! Wooo!!! You should take pics and post them once you get it all decked out.

  2. Enjoy your new place!

    And I've not made it this far in the Narnia series either. I have a big omnibus collection of them around here somewhere, so maybe I'll get back to them one day! Sooner than later!

  3. They aren't complicated. a quick reader could get through each in an hour or two. I am going to try to get through the 7 or so books i have from the library before i start the last one.


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