Food Science

I read another book by Russ Parsons, How to Read a French Fry. It is a book about the science of food with a lot of yummy sounding recipes. He covers the scientific process of frying, the chemistry and physics of vegetables and fruits and meats and even pastries. It is really cool. I didn't know why i always suck at cooking fries but now i do: i always use brand new oil. i never save it because i hardly ever fry anything but apparently that is the trick; even a couple tablespoons of old oil makes new stuff work better. i am actually tempted to try some sort of pastry now as the crust on tarts are actually easier to make than the crust for pies! I do recommend this one, it's a 6. This was a library book but i am going to buy it for the recipes and knowledge.

in other news, i got my Obama yard sign yesterday. i have no yard, so it will be fastened to my balcony in some fashion.


  1. I haven't heard of this one at all, but it sounds great!

  2. Old oil. Why is that gross sounding stuff makes things taste so good.

    Go Obama!


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